The Dream.

On May 22nd, 2019 I posted this to my personal facebook page........
"Ok, Strap in because this is going to be a long one! 😂
As some of you know, I own the business "She Sells It".
Its more than just a business though, its a social enterprise & the more I dive into it, & the more I work on it, I realise how much I need a strong support network around me that believe in the same thing.
She Sells It is a business that is designed to help Women. At the absolute ground level of it, thats all I really want to do.
We sell a curated collection of second hand clothing then use the profits to employ women & set them up with training, education & experience.
For women who are mothers, I have found through personal experience & through observation of my friends and family, that once you have children you must make the decision to sacrifice something.
They sacrifice a 2nd income & career progression, or being with their children full time, or seeing their partner because they work night/arvo shifts.
Some women have a clear career path, have children, then are out of the work game for 3-5yrs or more and suddenly they're lost or find it difficult to get back where they were pre-baby. Or they have no prior training & are struggling to get a job, they cant study because its so expensive & they have to still look after the kids or they go back to work full time & they feel the extreme guilt of not being there for their children, missing milestones etc etc
I know you've heard (or experienced) the stories.
If any of those options are a choice for you then I'm happy for you!! (You do you & youre smashing it)
BUT If, like me, you were forced to do one or the other for financial or practicality reasons then THIS is the type of women She Sells It Supports.
Imagine this..... A workplace that you could bring your children to work WITH you! An onsite supervised creche facility, where you can take breaks to see your child, continuing a strong bond with them while you work.
A workplace that allows you to work school friendly hours so you are there for the important pick ups and drop offs.
Somewhere that pays a fair wage & allows you to make an income(Albeit it a part time one) for you and your family, without having to work nights for companies that don't care about you or bother your family/friends selling for party plans companies.
A workplace that identifies your strengths/passions/goals & sets you up with the tools to achieve them.
You think you might like Photography? Awesome! Work for she sells it as our stock photographer & we will put you in contact with places you can study Photography while continuing to work for us
Studying not your thing? No worries, lets get you some solid experience!
When your child is in school full time &/or you are ready to move on, you will have experience & current work history to show your new employer- no more 5yr resume gaps! and a reliable reference.
Photography is just one example- Currently we are aiming to fill positions in Styling, social media, stock control, advertising, marketing, leadership, design, customer service for our online store.
When we are at the retail space stage we can fill even more positions!
At the moment 100% of the profit I make is going back into the business. Our online store is on Ebay because we need as many sales as possible for as little financial input as possible. Over 1 million people a day visit Ebay, so we arent spending money on advertising our products. I want people to love the vision of the business, and want to be a part of the cause, because we are doing a good thing.
In, say, 5years I would love to have a healthy online store with a Thousand+ items for sale, & a retail space(or two) where people can come in, speak with a stylist, purchase affordable clothing. (& hopefully 20+ employees.)
Have I inspired you? I hope so.
How Can you help? Firstly, Thank You! (Seriously, Thankyou ❤)
Absolutely any help is appreciated. If you could share this post or go like my pages on Fb & Instagram, Invite your friends to do the same, Next time you do a wardrobe clean out think of us, because we rely on donations for the store! I will even personally come & pick it up from you!
Speak to your friends, family about the idea! Rally support!
I need it, because I believe in supporting small business, I believe in this business, I believe in women, and I want to make a difference!"
This post is coming up to be 2 years old, and I still believe in everything I wrote. 
What started out as an intangible dream is slowly morphing into reality. Lots of minor details have changed- The branding, the next steps, the selling points, but what has never changed or faltered is the belief that there are better options for women in our society. Better work/home lifestyles & I know She Sells It will be all these things and day. :)