We are currently accepting Donations. 

If you decide to donate to us, we will email you a 10% discount code for your kindness! 

What Can I donate? 
We accept women's clothing, shoes & accessories in good condition. Please ensure your items are clean & bagged up for collection. 

What If I donate something you can't use? 
We curate our collection so we always have the best stock for our customers. If you donate something that we cannot use, we happily donate it on or re-purpose those items for other uses. We curate to recycle, not to discard. 

How can I get my donation to you? 
If you live in Perth we offer a free pick  up service. Simply email or call us & we can arrange a suitable time. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a drop off to our office. 

Can my workplace do a collection drive?
Absolutely! If your workplace would like to do a joint collection/donation then please email us and we can arrange a donation bin to be delivered to your workplace. We leave it with you for a week and come and collect it. Simple. 

I don't live in Perth, can I donate money to your cause instead?
Definitely! If you email us, we can give you our bank account details. Every dollar helps us support & empower another woman!